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Learn some of the definitions when it comes to printing and ink.

Q: What is an Ink Status Monitor?

The Ink Status Monitor is the window on your printer that tells you how much ink you have left in your cartridges and whether they need to be replaced or not.

Depending on your printer brand and model, this information will not be available to you if you refill your cartridges. You can override this warning on many printers by pressing and holding the STOP or PAPER FEED buttons for 3-5 seconds - this will have to be done every time you want to print.

An alternative, if available, is to turn off the Ink Status Monitor. From the START menue, select CONTROL PANEL, then select PRINTERS & FAXES. Right click the appropriate printer and select PROPERTIES. From the tabs along the top select MAINTENANCE. At the bottom of this page select VIEW INK STATUS. At the top left hand corner of this page select OPTIONS and UNTICK the line ENABLE STATUS MONITOR. This will allow you to print without low ink warnings HOWEVER, to prolong the life of your refilled cartridges AND YOUR PRINTER we recommend that you keep your cartridges topped up with ink and refill BEFORE they run dry.

Set a day a week (or month depending on how much printing you do) and top up all your cartridges. This way you can't be caught out.

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Q: What is a nozzle?

Nozzles, or "jets", are located on the print head. There may be anywhere from 48 to 320 nozzles on any print head, and each of them is smaller than a human hair. Each nozzle is connected electronically to a heater (resistor) that actually heats and cools the ink inside the cartridge. When the ink is heated, a bubble is formed. When the heat is removed, the bubble bursts and sends dots of ink through the nozzles and onto the paper in the printer. This happens very quickly, creating dots that form print characters on the page at a rate of up to 6,000 drops per second. That is why you should never touch the nozzle or print head assembly with your fingers.

Q: What is a Printhead?

The Printhead is the most critical component in an inkjet printer - it is used to deliver the ink to the page you are printing. Many inkjet printers use cartridges that come with the Printhead attached; a few printers have separate Printheads next to which the ink cartridge is inserted. Please don't touch the Printhead with your fingers. The Printhead is a consumable that can wear out over time, much like the brakes on your car. It requires proper installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure its long life. Most print quality problems come as a direct result of improper treatment of the Printhead. Proper installation, ongoing attention and maintenance are the keys to prolonging the life of your Printhead.

Removing printhead from Canon Printers with Individual Cartridges

If colours are missing it could mean the Printhead needs a clean

Q: What is the difference between dye-based and pigment-based ink?

The dye in the dye-based ink dissolves in water like sugar does in water.  Pigment does not dissolve completely. It is more like a flour and water mixture. Because of this, dye-based inks flow better and have been the standard in inkjet printers.  But the dye will re-dissolve and the ink will flow across the paper if drops of water hit the paper.

Pigment-based ink particles tend to settle into the tiny fibers that make up the paper. As the ink dries, the pigment particles get stuck in the fibers. Thus, the pigment-based inks are more water resistant than the dye-based inks. Only about 5 to 10 percent of the ink will re-flow if the paper is touched by water.

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Q: What does OEM mean? What is an OEM cartridge?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs, such as HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark are the companies that manufacture your printer. OEM cartridges are cartridges that are branded under your OEM's brand.

Q: What is a remanufactured cartridge?

A Remanufactured cartridge in one that has been disassembled by third parties (other than OEMs). They are then serviced and have worn or damaged parts replaced. To guarantee print quality, Remanufactured cartridges are refilled, tested in the factory and then packaged.

Q: What is a compatible cartridge?

Compatible cartridges (also known as 'after market' or 'generic') are manufactured by third parties (other than OEMs) and fully compatible with OEMs. Compatible cartridges are an imitation of the OEMs and are made from new components.

Easyrefills carries a Budget range of compatibles and these cartridges are suitable for every day printing e.g. assignments, general correspondence, invoices etc.  These Budget cartridges are not suitable for printing photographs.

NOTE:  The ink in Easyrefills Refill Kits is high quality Sensient ink and is suitable for printing photographs.  If you want to be environmentally friendly and save money then refilling maybe the best option for you if your cartridges are refillable.  Check on our website under your printer make and model or telephone us on 1300 730 018.

Easyrefills also carries a Premium range of budget compatible cartridges.  The manufacturer of our Premium (Jet Tec) range of cartridges, specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality ink cartridges. All inks used in Jet Tec cartridges match or exceed OEM specifications.  Each cartridge is engineered to meet the specifications of the printer and specially formulated to be 100% colour accurate with the OEM inks. Jet Tec has the best guarantee and customer support in the industry and all Jet Tec cartridges are 100% made in the UK.

Compatible cartridges are made using all new components.

If your printer has a Fax capability it may be that compatible cartridges are not suitable for your printer.  Telephone Easyrefills on 1300 730 018 to check.


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