Inkjet Refilling Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I need a new printer and want to refill. Do you have any suggestions?

Check out our Printer Reviews section where we give a brief description of the printers capabilities, a link to a detailed review of the printer and information about it's cartridges refillability.

Another way to tackle this question is to go to your printer shop, or research on line, and gather model numbers of a couple of printers that meet your other requirements like price and output. Give us a call or look them up on our website to find out if their cartridges can be refilled.

Q: What does refilling my cartridge mean?

Refilling is simply the process of injecting the ink from a bottle into your existing cartridge (original) using a syringe. All the necessary tools are provided in our refill kits. OEMs usually do not tell their customers that cartridges can be reused or recycled many times before a new one is needed.

Q: Is refilling messy?

We include protective gloves in all our kits because refilling for the first time may be a bit messy - so is cooking or painting if you do not prepare for it. If things are a bit messy, it is usually only until you get the hang of them. When refilling you should always take the proper precautions. After all, accidents can happen!

Easyrefills recommends doing it at the kitchen sink, covering your work area with newspaper or old cloth in case of accidental spillage. That way surfaces are protected and you are handy to water to wash your hands should you get some ink on you.

Q: How much money will I save by refilling my own cartridges?

Savings vary with the printer and cartridge type and printing frequency. Refilling is approximately 20% of the cost of a new cartridge. These savings can increase substantially, based on how much ink you buy, but savings can be much more for certain models.

A conservative example for a common printer is the Canon 4000; a colour refill kit costs $39.00 for 8 refills - about $6.70 per refill; a Canon cartridge would cost about $28, depending on where it was purchased. Refill prices can be as low as $1 and $3.50 per refill for many printer models.

Q: Do different printer brands and models use different inks?

Yes. In fact, most printer manufacturers design different models for use with different inks. For example an HP51626A and HP51629A - although identical cartridges - use different inks. The Canon BJI-201, BC-21, BC-02 cartridges all use different inks.

It is very important to order the proper refill kit for your specific printer and cartridge type, as inks can vary markedly in composition and characteristics. Placing the wrong ink in your cartridge may cause damage to your print head.

Q: Is there any sacrifice of print quality?

There should be no sacrifice in print quality. Easyrefills inks are chemically identical, premium grade inks. You will notice the colours are more vibrant on specialty print media, and photo inks are available for the high definition printing required for photographs.

Q: Do I need to be technically gifted to refill my cartridge?

Not at all. It really is quite simple. Yes, it is a different procedure to the one you are used to (popping in an expensive cartridge), but you will get the hang of it. All you have to be able to do is:

  • Read
  • Follow directions
  • Have normal motor function in your hands

Easyrefills has designed the instructions to be fool-proof and they are continually being tested and updated. We provide illustrated, step by step instructions and include any tools you might need. Children as young as nine have used our kits successfully.

Q: How long will it take to refill a cartridge?

It is really a simple procedure. The kits include illustrations and instructions and it is not rocket science. The first time you refill you will need to pay attention to the instructions and be aware of possible spillage. If you have a question, send us an email for a quick reply, or phone our help line on 1300 730018 (from within Australia) during business hours. It generally takes only minutes to refill a cartridge, although several types should be left to settle before placing them back in the printer.

Always protect the work area when refilling and wear gloves just in case of spills.

Q: How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

Cartridges without the print head in them can, in theory, be refilled an infinite number of times. Other factors can, however, affect this. Drying out, clogging, print head age, and frequency of use can all contribute. As a guide, cartridges without print heads can be refilled at least 5 times. Although some Epson cartridges have been known to be a little stingy only allowing you to refill them 2-3 times. There are several techniques useful for prolonging the life of your cartridge, so that you get as many refills as possible for maximum savings:

  • Never let a cartridge run dry (cartridges with built in print heads can burn out their resistors if operated while dry).
  • Always keep an extra cartridge refilled, ready to load in the printer.
  • Adopt the habit of topping up your cartridge instead of waiting until it runs out.
  • Don't touch the copper terminals or circuit board on print-head cartridges
  • Do not allow your cartridge to remain without ink. Always refill your cartridge IMMEDIATELY upon running out of ink.
  • Store your unused cartridges in a plastic zip-lock bag with a piece of damp paper towel. Easyrefills has print-head cleaning kits available.

Most Cartridges can be refilled at least 5 times. There are several ways you can prolong the life of your cartridge so that you several refills per cartridge. Imagine saving up to $25.00 each time you refill a cartridge!

Q: What comes in a refill kit?

Everything you need to refill is included in the Easyrefills refill kit. The kits come complete with photographic step-by-step instructions and equipment. Black kits contain 120ml of ink, and colour kits contain 40ml of each colour. Both have a guaranteed shelf life of two years.

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