Resetting Ink Levels Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I reset the ink levels on my Lexmark after refilling?

While a refilled Lexmark cartridge will print like a new one you will lose our "Ink Status Monitor". Prolong the life of your Lexmark cartridge by keeping it 'topped up'. Easyrefills advocates setting a reminder once a week (more or less frequently depending on how much printing you do) and refilling at that time. This will ensure your cartridge does not run dry thereby drying out the sponge and/or damaging the printhead.

Q: Can I reset my PG-40/41 & CL-50/51?

At this stage we have found 2 ways that might work but not guaranteed to work with all machines.

Method #1

  1. POWER off printer
  2. Hold RESUME button then press and hold POWER, the beeper will sound once
  3. Hold POWER and release RESUME
  4. Press RESUME twice
  5. Release POWER button
  6. When the indicator light is steady press RESUME three (3) times. Indicator light should be orange
  7. Press POWER to set data

Method #2

  1. POWER off the printer
  2. Hold the STOP/RESET button then press and hold POWER for five (5) seconds
  3. Hold POWER and release the STOP/RESET button
  4. Press the STOP/RESET button twice (2)
  5. Release POWER button
  6. Wait until POWER button light is a steady green then press STOP/RESET button three (3) times with a three (3) second space between each press. On the third (3) press, the indicator light should be orange
  7. Press the POWER button to set data
  8. To set data remove cartridges from printer and then replace
  9. Leave for 20 to 30 seconds
  10. Press the POWER button again to shut down and then POWER back up
  11. The printer will now feed one (1) piece of paper through
  12. Set language and country


Q: Can I reset the tank empty warning after refilling the cartridges in the new Pixma series?

The PGI-525 / CLI-526 cartridges cannot yet be reset.

Chip resetters are now available for PGI-5 / CLI-8 cartridges, PGI-520 / CLI-521 and PGI-525 / CLI-526 cartridges.  These chip resetters are USB powered and reset the cartridge chip so that the cartridge works just like a genuine.  If you do not have a chip resetter, auto chip reset refill tanks, do not wish to buy these or a resetter is not available, please read below.

* PGI-5BK & CLI-8 / PGI-520BK & CLI-521 / PGI-525 & CLI-526 * all these cartridges have an electronic counter embedded in a small computer chip. This counter starts at a high number and decreases for every character printed. Eventually, the counter reaches zero.  At this point an error message is generated by the printer.  If you click OK to the error message, the printer will continue to print.  If you have trouble getting your printer to print because it thinks the cartridges are empty, look on your printer for an orange blinking light. This is your reset button, and can be the paper feed button on some models.  Hold this button down  for 5 seconds OR until the light goes out.

Note: this will not reset the ink level back to full, but will allow you to keep printing.


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