Colour Refill Kit 3 40ml Bottles 2

Cartridge Refill Kit Colour Canon 646XL Tri-Colour Cartridge

Price: $39.00 AUD  

PLEASE NOTE:  refill kits are NOT suitable if you use the fax function on your printer.

Colour Refill Kit Contains: 3 x 40ml bottles of cartridge specific ink (one each of CYAN, MAGENTA and YELLOW) plus instructions and equipment to easily and simply refill your cartridge without compromising on print quality.

Important Note:  When you refill this cartridge you will lose your Ink Status Monitor (the computer won't tell you when it is running out of ink).  We recommend you set a reminder once a week, fortnight or month (depending on your printer useage) and top up the cartridge at that time.  Keeping them topped up will prolong the life of your cartridges.


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