Printer Problems

1. Cartridge cannot be recognised.

If, when you install these compatible cartridges you get the message, ‘your printer does not recognise this cartridge’ please do the following:

Power Off Theory

  1. With the power ON on the machine;
  2. Take the cartridge out and close the door;
  3. Turn the power OFF at the wall and remove the power plug from the back of the printer;
  4. Leave the power OFF for three to five minutes;
  5. Plug in a turn power ON;
  6. When the engine stops running the printer should be looking for a cartridge;
  7. Reinstall the cartridge;
  8. Close the door.

Your cartridge should be accepted at this point.

2. Resetting Ink Level PG-40/41 & CL-50/51

At this stage we have found 2 ways that might work but not guaranteed to work with all machines.

Method #1

  1. POWER off printer
  2. Hold RESUME button then press and hold POWER, the beeper will sound once
  3. Hold POWER and release RESUME
  4. Press RESUME twice
  5. Release POWER button
  6. When the indicator light is steady press RESUME three (3) times. Indicator light should be orange
  7. Press POWER to set data

Method #2

  1. POWER off the printer
  2. Hold the STOP/RESET button then press and hold POWER for five (5) seconds
  3. Hold POWER and release the STOP/RESET button
  4. Press the STOP/RESET button twice (2)
  5. Release POWER button
  6. Wait until POWER button light is a steady green then press STOP/RESET button three (3) times with a three (3) second space between each press. On the third (3) press, the indicator light should be orange
  7. Press the POWER button to set data
  8. To set data remove cartridges from printer and then replace
  9. Leave for 20 to 30 seconds
  10. Press the POWER button again to shut down and then POWER back up
  11. The printer will now feed one (1) piece of paper through
  12. Set language and country


3. Missing a colour? Find which one it is.

Inks in cartridge that can be mixed Colors formed from mixing inks
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Cyan       Cyan
  Magenta     Magenta
    Yellow   Yellow
      Black Black
Cyan Magenta     Blue
  Magenta Yellow   Red
Cyan   Yellow   Green
Cyan Magenta Yellow   Processed Black
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black C1M1Y1K1

The grid aboves show what colour you get when mixing. If your printing a photo that has all colours and you notice after printing it comes out a green colour,  by looking at the grid we know the magenta is not working. To fix this problem run a nozzle check to see if there is a blockage and then run a clean if needed.

4. Banding or missing lines

Missing Lines In TextMissing lines in text

One of the most common problems. The print head needs 1 or more print head cleans. The head can be blocked by dry ink and or paper fibres.

You can minimise this problem by

  1. Using high quality paper ( coated )
  2. Replacing old cartridges with new ones at the same time.
  3. Not leaving the cartridge carriage empty without an ink cartridge installed for more than a few seconds
  4. Replace empty cartridges as soon as they run out.
  5. Run a print head clean when you change cartridges over

5. Missing one of more colours

Again if there is a print head blockage, partial or total loss of one or more colours can occur. This can result in print outs that look dramatically different than the original file image.

Run a nozzle check to see if there is a blockage and then run a clean if needed.


Missing Black

Missing Cyan
Missing Magenta

Missing Yellow

6. Incorrect paper setting or type

Premium quality paper does not need as much ink to record the true image.

The crackle effect known as "Coalescence" can be caused by the ink output being too fast or too high for the paper being used. The ink is being jetted faster than the paper receiving layer can absorb.

Reduce the print speed. In your print settings choose the highest resolution possible and the finest drop size possible. Choose the highest quality media such as Glossy Film (not transparency film). Choose the best dither method such as error diffusion (for Epson use super microweave if it is available).

Some inks such as pigmented inks are not compatible with all types of paper.

7. Incorrect Colour balance

The file may look good on screen but the print is different.

This can be caused by the monitor not being calibrated to the printer.

Or the file being only low resolution eg web images are generally 72 Dpi to get photo quality print outs you would prefer 300 Dpi images.

Correct Skin tone is lost, and detail in blacks and shaded areas are lost.

Also check the printer driver settings match the recommended paper settings.


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