Privacy Policy

Easyrefills respects the privacy of customers, staff and suppliers. This respect is reflected in compliance with the requirements of privacy legislation.

Easyrefills collects data on customers in the processing of orders for Easyrefills products and through correspondence with customers and potential customers. All reasonable measures are taken to protect the privacy of that data and any resulting information.

Easyrefills does not sell, or pass on in any way, data on individual customers.

Financial details requested as part of commercial transactions are retained only for the time required to complete that transaction, or as necessary to allow Easyrefills to meet the requirements of the law. In particular, credit card details are not retained on file.

Easyrefills employment contracts require all staff to commit to confidentiality of information accessed in the course of their employment at Easyrefills.

Anyone having a complaint or comment on aspects of privacy in relation to their dealings with Easyrefills should contact Easyrefills as soon as possible. Contact details are available on this website.

Security Policy

Sensitive data such as credit card information and order details are transmitted using 128 Bit SSL encryption.  Your credit card information is never stored on our servers, and is transmitted directly to the payment processing provider.


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